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Advertise at Poker Connectors   Poker Connectors helps card players find great games of real poker. Whether beginner or expert, our unique directory of real players and calendar of live games will help you find the perfect poker night...

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We specialise in low stakes poker. We believe poker should be played in a safe, relaxed atmosphere, with the emphasis on fun, drama and excitement. Our PC ratings help achieve this goal...

Play a live poker game

  Millions of poker games around the world are taking place every day. Our unique poker calendar lets you find the perfect game right on your doorstep...

Organise a real game

    If you are a player looking to host your first tournament, its not rocket science, but following a few simple rules of thumb make your life alot easier...
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Register for free (UK player)


Simple and free registration lets you access the game calendars and make contact with game hosts. Join us today and be part of the biggest real poker project ever undertaken...

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Tell a poker friend


Whether looking for local action or travelling on business, Poker Connectors is the best way to find games of poker in the area. More players = more games = more poker...


Be a poker legend


You might never win the World Series of Poker or the Poker Million. But that doesn't mean you can't live the dream and become a poker legend on your patch...

          Profile: Benny Binion
          Profile: Larry Flynt
          Profile: Ian Fleming
          Profile: Wild Bill Hickok

PC Feedback Ratings


PC ratings help people play poker in a friendly fun environment. If you attend a poker game, fellow players are able to post positive, neutral or negative feedback, based on your conduct during play...


Play great poker


Poker Connectors has personally organised over 500 nights of Texas Holdem. Thousands of hours at the tables have helped us find a format that maximises drama and excitement...

          Put on a great poker game

Poker Privacy


Your privacy is our top priority. We will only disclose your information in accordance with our Privacy Policy and/or with your permission..


Contact Poker Jokers


We believe poker should be played in a safe, relaxed atmosphere, with the emphasis on fun, excitement and drama. We would be pleased to hear from anyone interested in poker...


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